After many years of testing in performance and developing this unique routine, Rubén Vilagrand is proud to share one of his most personal routines with the magic community.

HOOKED is based on a classic magic routine that was originally performed with needles or razor blades. Rubén Vilagrand has redesigned the concept, the technique, the method and the emotion!

Every set is handcrafted in a very high quality (click and have a look at this video). In short, Rubén brings you one of the most acclaimed routines of his professional repertoire.

In addition Rubén Vilagrand provides you with an original and new song written by his friend and music director, the prestigious Roman Gottwald.

Looking for an original, versatile and (pretty important) SAFE magic routine? That furthermore pack small, play big and be different. Then you have just found it!

From Parlor to big stages, this original routine has been performed by Rubén Vilagrand all over the world. Including the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and always creates a big impact on the audience.

Please notice:
- The box does not include the can and the fish, as Rubén uses in his own presentation.
- Rubén Vilagrand or Pegani does not take any responsibility of any accident or misuse of the product.
- Only sold to professional minded magicians over 18 years.
- The special piece of music included for the act, is different from what Rubén uses himself.

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