A very popular prop that we have sold hundreds of over the years. Here in a nice version in real leather.

You open your wallet and immediately flames rise from it. There is no money only fire. You close the wallet and the flames disappear immediately. The second after opening it again, the flames are gone and it is filled with banknotes and credit cards! There is even a special room with coins.

HOT WALLET is fun and surprising. You probably already have an idea for how it fits into your routine. A quality recipe that you will enjoy. Burns with ordinary lighter fluid. In this version, the compartment with the wick is sealed with magnets, which means that the wallet can remain flammable for many hours after you have prepared it.

Sold only to persons over 18 years old.

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Have you also been running around searching for lighter fluid in tobacco kiosks? There are not many places that sell it anymore, so to fulfill your needs we have now taken it into the assortment.
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You tell the audience that you have bought an old magic book of spells. You leaf through the pages of the book "Here are the really hot secrets," you say, and at the same time, big flames rise from the book!
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This beautiful black leather wallet will work both as your everyday wallet AND as your secret weapon to amaze your spectators. Great quality and design for "Card to Wallet". Instructions by Greg Wilson.
REAL MAN'S WALLET - Steve Draun 4640
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