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Designed by Rich Bloch and Nick Ruggiero; with exclusive permission from George J. Cook. Newly redesigned by George Robinson from Viking Magic. Alle new electronics and mechanial system. Jumbo Sidekick is the single hottest stage and platform prop in the history of Collector's Workshop.

A spectator selects a card (say, the 4 of clubs) from a jumbo deck. Using a pistol, the spectator attempts to shoot the chosen card out of the deck…. But … BANG! the table drape falls off … BANG! .. the flower flies into the air … BANG! .. the entire table tips, dumping everything onto the floor, except a jumbo five of clubs, which adheres to the table…… “It’s not my card...,” says the spectator.

Not missing a beat, the performer takes the gun ……. “Let a professional handle this!”….and BANG! .. the performer shoots off the center pip. “It is now”, says the performer with a triumphant wink.

The entire unit is an electronic marvel. Only the finest workmanship can give such satisfying results.

All sound controlled from gun but has remote control features that allow you to perform without the use of a pistol. Great if you are perforing or children’s shows or venues, where a gun would not be proper, Simply have them use a magic wand, laser pen, their finger, or what have you. Also included is a custom printed alphabet deck for those children’s shows.

Comes complete, ready to work. Includes custom PVC case; table, base, vase and flower, all the decks, curtain, etc. Supply your own pistol (starting pistol with blanks) or wand.

Please note that there are illegal copies being made in China and supplied by unethical dealers. As always we support the inventors and this is the original and the best directly from Collector's Workshop / Viking Magic in USA, who owns the right to produce this marvel.

Click at the youtube-link and see the fascinating story about the lawyer and magician Rich Bloch, who is the man behind Jumbo Sidekick and many other beautiful props and highly entertaining professional routines. Some years ago Rich sold his company "Collector's Workshop" to George Robinson from Viking Magic, who continues producing the equipment in the very same excellent quality.

Please notice:
This specific item har been used in a few shows in Sweden. Since then it has been checked and refurbished 100% by George Robinson from Viking Magic and is as good as new. Your chance to save 15% on a modern classic in stage magic.

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