From the creator of iForce and teleFoto comes the biggest revolution in phone magic.  

The Inject System runs on iOS and Android, but you can perform on any device. All Inject effects are ON A BORROWED SPECTATOR'S PHONE without an accomplice. 

Instantly know what your spectator is searching for on THEIR phone (no Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi). 
Force anything on your spectator even though they have a completely FREE choice! 
Demonstrate your super-human memory of the dictionary or celebrity birthdays -- without memorization! 
Leave an impossible photo on your spectator's Facebook page! 

You will perform these astonishing effects and MORE with Inject.

  • So easy you'll perform in 5 minutes (includes video instructions).
  • You NEVER touch their phone and your phone is NEVER in play.
  • Perform Inject effects even if your phone is dead!
  • Comes with 18 ASTONISHING effects!
  • Create your own custom effects for endless possibilities.
  • No skill, no memorization, no accomplice, no Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi, no voice recognition, no reset.
  • Perform surrounded, anytime, anywhere (with Internet) with NO PROPS!
  • Everything can be examined before and after the effect.
  • Works on ALL devices and ALL browsers.
  • The magic happens on THEIR phone!!

Without any props or skills, you'll perform amazing magic and mentalism that will astound everyone! 

TV performance rights are NOT included with purchase. 

All TV rights are reserved and available from Rostami Magic.

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