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We used to sell a lot of Jim Pace’s “Hot Leads” and later Arsene Lupin’s “Burning Business Card”. Now the same kind of effect is finally back at the market, but in a much better version than before!

As an expert in wearable fire technology, creator of Pyro Wallet Adam Wilber from ellusionist has left no stone unturned.
- First, the wallet itself is made of durable, cruelty-free faux leather. No animals died to make this awesome.
- The interior is composed of a USB rechargeable battery, with enough juice to squeeze out hundreds of performances.
- Adam's own record was giving out 200 flaming business cards at one show. Meaning that you can feel confident that Pyro Wallet is completely surefire and works like clockwork, 100% of the time.

It’s a VERY simple product. One that probably everybody should own. The business cards you already have will work perfectly, as will any bill or playing card.

Pyro Wallet's secret is that the contents are pre-soaked with ultra flammable lighter fluid. With only one third of the items specially-treated it allows safe handling of an item that bursts into flames and burns extremely quickly in the pre-soaked section only. One pursed-lip blow, and the flame is gone.

Every precaution has been taken to make this safe, but as Pyro Wallet ignites real fire, it MUST be handled responsibly. A comprehensive video download is given to guide you through everything you need to know.

Please Note: You must be 18 or over to purchase and/or use the Pyro Wallet!

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