The magician is able to make a light bulb turn on without even touching it.

You can combine this amazing effect with many routines for the ultimate climax!

Shine - simple and efficient and the perfect way to light up your magic!

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Over the last couple of years, we have demonstrated and sold many D'lites in this new French version. This is the most powerful light from the fingertips you've ever seen!
PRO LIGHT 2.0 - Marc Antoine 3770
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Beautiful, memorable routine will adorn any magician's performances on stage, at a wedding, at a restaurant or at a child's birthday.
iLITE - Viktor Voitko 4604
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With D'Lite Ultra Brights you will show your hands empty, then pluck a bright red light out of the air, pass the light from hand to hand, through your ears, and make it disappear. Create stunning magic with the NEW D'Lite Ultra Brights!
PRISMA D'LITE - 2 stk. - Rocco 341A
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Great gag to end your d'lite routine. You put the red light into your mouth, and suddenly your ears lighten up! Best quality you will find. Produced in Spain by Juan Mayoral.
LUMINOUS EARS - Juan Mayoral 339
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