The juggling bottle club is produced after the original Tommy Curtin design, produced by juggling manufacturer Stu Reynolds. Niels Duinker purchased the original molds and recreated this club with permission of Tommy Curtin.

Each club comes with 2 labels (Champagne or Lemonade) so you can decorate the club in your style of preference.

Weight: 290 gram
Material: PolyEthelyne
Length: 52 cm

Download here the chapter on "Juggling Bottles" from the book "How to become a Juggler," written in 1921 by Rupert Ingalese.

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Audiences around the world - from Europe to Asia; from Las Vegas to Dubai - have experienced the wonder and excitement of Niels Duinker live! Now you can view this internationally touring entertainer right from your own comfy chair
LEARN TO JUGGLE - Niels Duinker 3875
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Juggling knife with soft handle and aeronautical aluminium blade, balanced like a juggling club. Size: 55 cm. Weight: 200 grams.
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With this soft Russian Ball Italian Play Juggling has combined tradition and new technology. 67 mm. i diameter and a weight of 100 gram. Very easy to catch and doesn't roll when you drop it.
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