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The Magic Coloring Book Deluxe!

A coloring book is shown to have all blank pages...

The magician (that's you) asks the kids in the audience to point at the coloring book and say the magic words. You then show there is a different drawing on each and every page. However, the drawing are not colored in.

Next, you ask the kiddies to call out there favorite colors and wiggle with their fingers.  You open the book once again and ALL of the drawing have now magically been colored in BUT they are just scribbles! Oh NO!

Finally, you ask for all of the kids to say the magic word and ALL of the colors have now changed into perfect colored pictures!

It is good fun and like REAL magic!

The paper is a produced from a high-quality, thick, no bleed stock. The cover is coated in UV for a long-lasting, professional look. The images are large and contain actual magic tricks and illusions such as; Cups and Balls, Ball Vase, Zig Zag, Rabbit in the hat, Rising card as well as other classic effects.

This provides you an opportunity to point out some of the classics in magic.

- Self-working
- 4-way!
- High quality!
- Large, colorful images!
- Thick, no blead paper!
- UV coated heavy duty cover!


"If you want to explore magic as a presentational theme itself, these two books fit the bill very nicely. The price is on par with other coloring books, that is to say very inexpensive. They are very well made and feel sturdier than the other two I use. If treated with due care, they will last you a long time, and it’s inexpensive to keep one as a backup. Highly recommended. " - Jason Goldberg

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