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We really like when magic props are built to look like something from the real world. Here, the technique known from the classic "Dove Pan" has been built into a red frying pan with a lid. It could easily be in a real kitchen without attracting attention, but this magic pan can be used to magically produce almost anything.

- Put a few eggs in the pan, put on the lid, say a few magic words and you have produced a few white doves.
- Add different ingredients in the pan, and transform them into real cookies, which you can offer the audience.
- Write "pizza" on a piece of paper, put it in the empty pan, set it on fire and in a flash you got a real pizza!

The frying pan has a black handle and the insert has an inner diameter of 22.5 cm. The lid is curved so what you produce can be seen by the audience immediately. 

A professional and very useful magic prop. Carefully produced by Tora Magic and delivered in a solid wooden box.

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