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Our friends at Stevens Magic are working together with an American gambling expert, called "Dr. X". He is busy as a consultant for the casino industry, but on rare occasions he releases some interesting equipment based on the knowledge he has. We have just received a small shipment of this very special "dice", which many of our customers will probably find interesting.

It is simply a hexagonal transparent roll, with the numbers from 1-6 on each side. The numbers have different colors and are mixed different on all sides. You and the spectator each choose one of the six colors and then the roll is thrown. The one whose color has the highest number on the side the roll lands on has won. The interesting thing is that you can secretly control your odds of winning by as much as 88.33%!

You can also choose to reduce your odds to 66.66% or 50% - or decide whether it should be the spectator that wins.

There is nothing to add or remove. No extra secret gimmciks. Only the roll with numbers and a method that you can learn within 10 minutes. You can let your spectators look closely at the roll. They will never discover the secret. You don't even need to know yourself. It just does!

The roll can be thrown completely free by you or the spectator, or perhaps shaken in a large transparent glass. The spectator is completely free to bet on a new color every time. The lucky log is only 4.5 cm. long and easy to carry in your pocket.

You will receive Lucky Dog along with short English instruction.

The last time a small series of "Dr. X Lucky Log" was made was back in 1997 and they have since been sold at quite high prices at auctions. If you think it sounds interesting, get one while you can.

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