Bills, beer, socks, envelopes, DVDs, coffee cups, baskets, boxes, borrowed rings, portable darkness, pieces of paper, paperback books, a bulletin board, a glass canister, a wand, a pencil, and a Cards & Coins.

Magic for Stand Up, Sit Down, Near and Far. How it Works and How to Perform it.

Over 500 Pages and 1000 Photographs

What other magicians are saying about the book:
"David Regal's magic is just sensational, and the presentations are equally ingenious. He's fooled me, surprised me, made me laugh, and made me wonder. Most of all, he made me wonder where all these great ideas come from. Now every magician will know. They come from this book." 
- Jim Steinmeyer

"Brilliance in action, David gives you his real world - real work."
- Jeff McBride

"I have had the privilege of experiencing Davids fine performances and lectures. David has the insightful understandings of magical theories that I have heard Professor Dai Vernon preach on for years. He understands what makes for good magic."
- Richard Turner

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A reputation-making card miracle 30 years in the making, with a personal premise that makes it unforgettable. Comes complete with Bicycle Elite Cards, gimmicks and a very good videoinstruction.
SIMPATICO PLUS - David Regal 4977
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Constant Fooling vol. 0ne contains a collection of card magic utilizing unprepared cards, David's startling Cups & Balls routine and a chapter devoted entirely to magic done with neither cards nor coins. 
CONSTANT FOOLING - David Regal - vol. 1 1231A
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In this second volume of Regal's "Constant Fooling" you will find an assortment of unique card magic, mental mysteries, magic with bills, coins and much more. 239 hardbound pages.
CONSTANT FOOLING - David Regal - vol. 2 1231B
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