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This effect is made by Arsene Lupin, the most famous magician and illusionist in all of Poland. For many years he has used this as his opener. The climax also took all the magicians assembled by storm, when we recently had a seminar with Lupin himself. 

You show the audience a special deck of cards, where the front side of the cards are numbered. You get someone from the crowd to shuffle the cards thoroughly, after which you give another spectator the pile. This person now has to give you four cards - four times. The bundles of cards are placed around the face of a clock, that has been marked respectively A, B, C, and D. 

You throw an object (a beach ball, a foam stone, a balloon, etc.) out to the audience and the first to catch it then chooses one of the four letters. You then remove the corresponding bundle of cards from the dial. The person who catches the first object then throws it along and the next two people to catch it does the same until there's only one set of cards left. Those cards are then spread urine the clockface which then creates a random four-digit number... For example 1357. It could be a PIN code. It could be a random year. Or it could be... a time of the day.  

You immediately ask the audience to look at their watches, and slowly they realize... Miraculously the random selection of numbers have precisely lead to the current time in this very moment!!! And after a few seconds, the mumbling in the crowd is replaced by cheers and laughter. 

Mental clock works just as well on a big stage as it does at home in the living room. Throughout the show, multiple people from the audience are actively involved - and in the end, EVERYONE is suddenly a part of the effect, as they look at their watch and phone in disbelief. 

You will receive a cleverly thought out prop that will do most of the work for you. No palms, no ''magicians choice'' and you can concentrate 100% on delivering the presentation in the best way possible. 

Instead of being a time of day, the four-digit number can naturally also be other things that fit your show. Maybe the year the birthday girl was born? When the company was founded? Or the current date? The choice is yours.

In the package is:
The stand - nicely made in wood. That can be disassembled into two parts. Included is also a solid box for transportation. A deck of special plastic cards with Bicycle-backside with the numbers 1 to 9 printed on them. 
And a DVD with Asene Lupin's comprehensive explanation. 

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