A spirit bell for the 21st century that is perfect for séance, mentalism, magic or bizarre performances. Beautifully crafted and disarmingly mundane, this spectacular piece of kit takes spirit bells to an entirely new level- by allowing the spectator to not just hear, but see the bell ring itself!

Able to be rung in real time from a distance, and as many times as the performer likes, Death Toll is an essential piece of any performer’s tool kit who likes to walk the line between the magical and the truly impossible…

Spectators not only hear the bell ring, but they will also SEE the plunger fall and rise!
Death Toll has a disarming mundane, ordinary appearance!
Rings as often as you want electronically, the instant you want it to.
Can be rung by hand just like a normal bell too.
Bell’s dome can be removed to “accidentally prove” it is ordinary.
Radio control from 150 meter away.

Hand-made brass electronic counter bell.
Wireless radio frequency transmitter.
All necessary batteries.
Access code to online instructional web page, with downloadable PDF and video directions.

We offer two versions of The Death Toll Bell. The one that looks new as you will find it at a hotel, and then the aged antique version. Identical in every way to the regular Death Toll except for the finish.

(Optional Toe-Switch transmitter for total hands-free control is available on request.)

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