"Optix is what magic should feel like." - Danny Garcia

 "Very few effects get me excited about the future of magic... THIS ONE DOES." - Garrett Thomas

 "That's the BEST magic trick I've seen in my entire life." - John Stessel

Borrow a spectators phone, then hand them your phone to film the magic... In an instant, their phone vanishes into thin air. No sleeves. No pulls. GONE.

When they ask where their phone is, you point to their own hands. The phone they've been holding the entire time is THIER phone!

That means they filmed their phone vanishing, on their own phone. It's only confusing because the laws of science shouldn't allow it to be possible...

Please notice:
1. Optix isn't restricted by the ability to use only one kind of phone, it's universal and works with almost any smartphone and both iPhone and Android.
2. Optix can be used for a multitude of vanishes and transpositions. 
3. Optix is charged by a magnetic-locking usb cable and the battery gives off over two and a half hours of illumination (if the average requirement for the light during performance is 30 seconds, that's around 300 performances per charge).
4. Optix comes with a 90 minute training video, where Tobias Dostal covers EVERYTHING you need to know, so you can get the most out of it.


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