For the first time in Patrick Kun’s Mirage series, the Midnight Blue edition is printed on the premium Bee crush stock with United States Playing Cards.

From the tuck case, V4 features an embossed blue dye tuck case stamped with white foil. The overall design has been simplified and minimized for a modern aesthetic look.

Just like before, every court cards are completely custom along with the jokers, and our signature Ace of Spades.

The set includes a double facer for your magic routine and also brings back the original "Mirage Hyper Card" that was originally introduced in the 1st edition of Mirage. The Hyper Card plot has been around for many years but nothing comes close to this version designed by Patrick Kun. The Mirage Hyper Card can be shown completely on both sides and even given out as an impossible souvenir for your friends. You will find video link to instructions for the two gaff cards inside the tuck case.

The optical illusion back specially designed for both magic and cardistry and it comes in Juan Tamariz’s Mnemonica stack.

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Ambi Ring is a wearable modern take on the famous optical illusion called "The Ambiguous Cylinder". So good you will will amaze yourself in front of the mirror. Available in silver and black.
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Every single card in this deck is 100% customized with a fun modern design for travel enthusiasts. It is limited to only 3000 pcs. worldwide. We bought a few bricks for our customers. Get them while you can.
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VISA Playing Cards are the creation of Patrick Kun and Alex Pandrea. Enter the world of travel, adventure, and discovery. The Ace of Spades reflects the beautiful card back - something to behold! Available in red, blue and green.
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/ UNIT incl. VAT
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