If you collect Bicycle cards or you want to add more possibilities to your card magic, you will surely want this amazing new "Bicycle - Color Collection".
A fine maxi-transparent box with 9 Bicycle decks in 9 different colors. Inside we have added our latest yellow deck and the following brand new exclusive colors: violet, brown and grey.  This new collection was created by Difatta Magic, to enrich our collection of colored Bicycle decks creating a perfect gift box for card enthusiasts.
• The environmentally friendly maxi-transparent PET box, measures 25 cm. x 32,5 cm. x 2,3 cm..
• It contains 9 Bicycle decks in the following colors: Brown, Yellow, Gray, Orange, Green, Fuchsia, Black, Purple, Turquoise. Each deck is enriched with special cards that allow fantastic magical effects (video instructions are available online).
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Bicycle Rider Back Poker Size Playing Cards from US Playing Card Company as you know and love them. But these comes in the good old iconic classic box. Run in the "checklane" at the factory and best quality.
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Using this special deck you can "waterfall" the cards from hand to hand at a a great distance, without fail and without years of practice! Made with bicycle cards!
ELECTRIC DECK - Bicycle 203
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A soft and durable, double layered close-up mat from italy. It does not slip. Does not tear. Lasts a lifetime. Available in four colours: black, green, red and blue. Size: 58 x 40 cm.
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