Speed Stacks Pro Series 2x are designed for stackers who dream of world records! The PS2x sets are printed only on the top step, resulting in a fresh, clean hand-feel with the authenticity of genuine Speed Stacks gear. PS2x cups are fully endorsed by the World Sport Stacking Association for use in WSSA competition so STACK FAST and we will see you at the next Junior Olympic Games and World Sport Stacking Championships! 

- Centerless design eliminates air resistance and improves stacking time
- Ultra-fast high impact material
- Official WSSA approved equipment

Developed in conjunction with the world's top stackers, they include special features and are approved by the WSSA for competition use. They also feature the patented Quick Release stem.

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Blue Ice



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Nice-looking & balanced, the Bravo Penspinning Stick is ideal for twirling it between your fingers. This well-balanced tool helps you to learn new penspinning tricks quickly.
DKK 95,00
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The next evolution of the ultimate throwing card is here - introducing Banshees Advanced! This incredible deck has been re-engineered from the ground up for maximum speed, durability, precision, and impact.
BANSHEES ADVANCED - Cards for Throwing 4756
DKK 165,00
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Astrojax is a fascinating game all about action, rhythm and your own personal style. Three balls connected with a string is all you need to perform the most amazing tricks.
DKK 158,00
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In the blink of an eye, the dice have all been collected in the cup, which you then put on the table. But the biggest surprise comes when the cup is lifted and it turns out that the four cubes are stacked on top of each other!
DKK 179,00
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This brand new deck is designed by Adrian Valenzuela, the brilliant artist who also made the Memento Mori Deck. Printed by USPC on their Bee Casino stock. Watch the trailer!
DKK 98,00
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Great and inexpensive yoyo from Henrys in Germany. Exclusive shape and cool design! Low-Price - High-Performance – Allround.
YOYO LIZARD - Henrys A00020
DKK 119,00
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