Dog Arm Puppet - Christmas routine!
This is for use at Christmas time. It works exactly as Routine 1, but this time the cards depict things that the dog might like to see on Christmas Day: a cracker, a Christmas Tree, a plum pudding, Christmas bells…or a handsomely wrapped and delicious BONE! All the fun as described in the main routine, with the same instructions.

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If ever there was a star of the show, then this is it! Now you can have the best puppet on the market (and it is!) but you won’t use it unless there’s a routine (see separate entries for routines).
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This DVD will show you how! All the gags and bits of business which has made the Dog Arm Puppet one of Practical Magic’s most popular products. Guaranteed to have your audiences begging for more!
DOG ARM PUPPET DVD - Jeremy Le Poidevin 3536
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