Very nice nostalgic looking wooden box from our favourite puzzle manufactorer, Jean-Claude Constantin.

Open the box and place any borrowed item inside the box. Close the box and hand it over to the spectator to take back his borrowed item. But to his surprise, he can not open the box. Lots of other tricks can be done using this wonderful cigar box. No matter how many times the spectator tries, he will always fail to open the box. Perfect for keeping your magic coins and cards secret.

The box is made up of good quality dark wood.

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You use a small elongated wooden block with a long hole, with a rubber band at the bottom and a stick with a hook at the end. The task now is to capture rubber band inside the hole so that the stick is stuck.
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The small pieces of connected metal balls can be gathered to the perfect pyramid. But it is not that easy... Fine puzzle from the German puzzle-guru Jean-Claude Constantin.
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/ UNIT incl. VAT
In stock
A great puzzle from our German puzzle-manufactorer. The challenge is simpe: remove the steelring from the pedistal, but the problem is, that the disks are too large to allow the ring to pass over...
RDN SOCKEL - Jean-Claude Constantin 4918
DKK 139,00
/ UNIT incl. VAT
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Very nice wooden box produced in different types of wood and containing some mechanics, that will make you fumble around with it for a bit before you figure out how to open it.
DKK 350,00
/ UNIT incl. VAT
Sold out right now...