This is a nice wooden puzzle, custom designed by Diamon Jim Tyler. 

It measures around 9 x 9 cm. and fits into the palm of your hand. The seven pennies are included.

Begin with an empty board. The object is to start on a vacant circle and to move it once along a connecting line to another empty circle. This must be done with all seven pennies leaving the eighth hole vacant.
Most people can do four or five pennies, but doing all seven takes a knack. To understand how, watch the video... 

A great gift.  

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It is so easy to take this die apart, but surprisingly difficult so put it back to a cube again. Invented and manufactured by our Indian friend, Uday Jadugar.
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A great puzzle from our German puzzle-manufactorer. The challenge is simpe: remove the steelring from the pedistal, but the problem is, that the disks are too large to allow the ring to pass over...
RDN SOCKEL - Jean-Claude Constantin 4918
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It was actually the puzzle expert Lennart Green who first introduced us to THE ROCKET Now, we have managed to acquire it in a handmade version, and we are quite sure that you will have as much fun with it as we have had.
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