The magician takes out a deck of cards that looks quite strange.

A red deck of cards inside a red card case is crossed by a blue deck of cards. The magiciane pulls out the blue deck and proves it to be a full deck. Then the performer pulls out the red deck from the case, which also turnes out to be a full deck.

Comes complete with gimmicked red and blue Bicycle decks and instruction sheet.

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This is the perfect object to have standing on your table. It's an impossibility in itself and anyone who sees it will wonder how the heck you managed to get a real and sealed game of Bicycle Card into the bottle ...
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Masuda's WOW is back in new improved 3.0 version. THE most visible and amazing card change ever. It happens slowly and right before the eyes of your spectators. Hailed by magicians around the world.
WOW 3 (face-up) Katsuya Masuda 2412A
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Bicycle Rider Back Poker Size Playing Cards from US Playing Card Company as you know and love them. But these comes in the good old iconic classic box. Run in the "checklane" at the factory and best quality.
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Masuda's Legendary masterpiece, Frozen in Time, is finally back. An old photo of a watch sealed in a frame, appears to show exactly the time freely chosen by the spectator!
FROZEN IN TIME (new edition) - Katsuya Masuda 2617
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