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Make a choice between 3 of Diamonds, 7 of Diamonds and 9 of Hearts.

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3 of diamonds

7 of diamonds

9 of hearts


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With Close-up Cardiographic, Martin Lewis has taken his classic Sketchpad Rising Card to the next level. The effect is the same, but built for close-up performances! Available in 3 different versions.
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If you perform Martin Lewis' great routine "Cardiographic Lite" you will soon need new souvenir sheets. In this package you get enough for 30 more shows.
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Presenting Martin's classic effect in which a card rises from a drawing and is then handed out as a souvenir. This new version is designed and made by Martin's Magikraft Studios. It's better, faster, and far mores durable than any other version ever
SKETCHPAD CARD RISE - Signature Edition 2353
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Now you can get Martin Lewis' "Sketchpad Card Rise" in smaller and inexpensive version - still big enough for stand-up and parlour. As featurered in Copperfields touring show. Complete with 30 souvenir sheets.
CARDIOGRAPHIC LITE - Martin Lewis 4732
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