This does the job of Change Bags minus the handling, making it very light and portable. It can produce, vanish, or transform small objects such as silks, ropes, coins, cards, etc. It can be used either for close-up or for stage performances.

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We get these beautiful, high quality silks from Vincenzo di Fatta in Italy. This size is the same as what they in US call 18". You got 10 bright colours to choose from.
SILKS 45 X 45 cm. 112
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This is one of the most loved props by magicians. The elegant magic bag can, as easy as nothing, make something like a silk scarf disappear, reaper or be transformed into something completely different.
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The Changer-bag has been one of the most popular transformation props for many years especially it comes to transformation, disappearance or magic things appear out of nothing.
THE CHANGE BAG - standard 421A
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