Mystery Cubed is an art piece like no other. Meticulously crafted by hand, the bottle has not been heated, cut, glued or altered in any way. The puzzle cube inside is fully functional and in its original condition.

    The perfect way to congratulate, celebrate or impress. A memorable, one-of-a-kind gift for dreamers, teachers, artists, pop culture enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and rainmakers alike.

    Sit back, relax and allow Mystery Cubed to work its wonders. Creative forces abound and anything you can imagine just became possible.

    People can't stop talking about Mystery Cubed. (No really, they can't.) And once they catch a glimpse at your home or in your office, neither will your friends. 

    A tangible reminder of Mystery's inherent beauty, and an homage to the greatest decade of all time. A feast for the eyes, mind, and heart.

    We believe that Mystery has the unique potential to enrich our lives in a way that information cannot, and that sometimes, preserving a Mystery is more valuable than knowing its secret.

*For more info watch the video above. 


"A puzzle wrapped in a conundrum, a reminder to do the impossible."
-Garrett Thomas

"This was the first art piece I put in my new house—it’s like having a bottle of inspiration on my shelf. It looks great whether people notice it or not…and trust me, they always notice it."
-Adam Trent

"I have no idea how he got that thing in there…and I love that feeling."
-Rick Lax

"Having Mystery Cubed on my shelf inspires me to be just as amazing with my magic as it is just resting there."
-Jon Armstrong

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This is the perfect object to have standing on your table. It's an impossibility in itself and anyone who sees it will wonder how the heck you managed to get a real and sealed game of Bicycle Card into the bottle ...
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