“It is a MAJOR STEP FORWARD In cube matching effects. All you need is the skill to not laugh while you are doing it.” - Garrett Thomas

"The method is as devious as the trick itself!" - Shin Lim

This might be the cleanest and most direct matching effect, you have ever seen.

A spectator freely mix a cube, and with no funny moves or any kind of misdirection, you instantly show, that it exactly match the other cube, that has been at the table all the time!

The spectator can stare at the cube he just mixed and will still find nothing (thanks to the devious gimmick). It is so clean that your audience will think, somehow you have the ability to control how they mix the cube…

At the end of the routine, you can then solve the spectator’s mixed-up cube in your favorite way, or use the underground “Gear Solve” which is included as a bonus in the tutorial. Henry also teaches a method to solve both cubes at the end of the routine.

Venom Cube is a complete routine, ready for your show. It is perfect for stage, parlour and even close-up.

This method is hilariously deceptive, easy to do, and can be done absolutely surrounded and in this definitive version, there are no switches!

It was one of the things people at the Blackpool Convention 2019 was really talking about, and no wonder: Henry Harrius’ “Venom Cube” is a show-stopping, show-closing miracle.

The Venom Cube Box comes with:
Precisely made gimmick
Two specially altered RD Regular Cubes
A velvet carrying bag
A set of stickers (with plenty of extras)
A comprehensive video tutorial (45 minutes) 

"The next step in cube matching effects" - Steven Brundage

"The Venom Cube strikes fast and strikes hard. It is the most open and direct version of the Sympathetic Cube available." - Karl Hein

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