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The Silicone Adhesive NEO Strong Bond is a high-performance skin adhesive for special effects purposes. Its solvent is odorless and gives a pleasant feeling.

The adhesive does not dry during application and does not form strands from the brush. After a drying time of a few seconds, the pressure-sensitive adhesive will remain tacky for hours until it is activated by pressing the prosthesis firmly onto the prepared area. Perfect for the busy Santa!

More and more busy professional Santas use this super sticky silicone glue from Kryolan, as the glue stays sticky for hours, so you can take the beard and put it back on - e.g. during a break or on the way between two jobs.

  • Now with 50 ml. in plastic bottle with tight screw cap and fine brush in lid.
  • The glue is best removed again with Kryolan's effective mastic remover.

Yes - it is expensive - but for many it is convenient and worth all the money.

Instructions for use:
Apply the glue on both skin and beard.
Count to 10 before putting the beard on the skin.
You can now - e.g. during a break -take off the beard and put it back on.
If there is a need for it, you can possibly. add a little more glue to the beard.
When you are done, pull the beard off and cleanse the skin with remover.

At the end of the season, you may need to clean your beard. You can dissolve the glue with a mixture of 50% benzine and 50% acetone. These are tough cases and we recommend doing it outdoors. Once the glue is dissolved, it can be easily removed with e.g. a stiff brush or a herb knife.

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