Here is a classic effect with even more options. It can be presented beautifully and elegantly to music or as an entertaining children's routine. 

The classic: The magician shows a large bouquet of five large colorful flowers. He plucks the flowers one at a time and lets them slowly fall toward the floor until he returns with the green stems. He now swings his hand over the bouquet and slowly, five new beautiful flowers grow at the end of the stems!

Children version: The magician proudly shows a large bouquet of flowers that he was gifted by a good magician friend. He smells the flowers but gets a little pollen in his nose... ATJUUU! The magician sneezes and when he looks back at the bouquet, all the flowers have been blown away. What should he do? Maybe it would help with a little magic? He places the bouquet under his arm and turns his back to the audience and looks is his magic book. As he reads, the children see that the flowers slowly grow back on the bouquet. They shout and scream. Initially, the magician tells them to be quiet, so he can concentrate on reading. Finally, he decides to turn around. The children explain that the flowers are back, but when the magician look they are gone again. Disappointed he turns back around to read the magic book, and the story repeats ...
Finally, he finds the right spell, and with the help of the children, the flowers come back!

You receive a large and beautiful custom made bouquet of prop flowers (50 cm long) in superb quality from Tora Magic. It's not cheap. But whether you choose one method or another, you can be sure that this will be a trick that you will love to show!

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If you have seen Terry Herbert’s DVD ‘Children’s Magic the Herbert Way’ you will know this effect and all the fun you can get from it. This is your chance to get fantastic, fun, colourful, comical and visual magic in your kids show.
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A very fine and modern version of the classic Blooming Bouquet. The magician holds a bouquet with flowers, but then, magically, numerous of red roses begin to emerge until the bouquet is filled with beautiful roses.
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Here is a classic effect with multiple options. It can be presented beautifully and elegantly with music or as comedy entertainment for children. Make the flowers disappear and reappear at your command.
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This does the job of Change Bags minus the handling, making it very light and portable. It can produce, vanish, or transform small objects such as silks, ropes, coins, cards, etc. It can be used either for close-up or for stage performances.
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