It has taken a while, but we now have it. Technically perfect, tested in practice.

An uninitiated lady from the audience floats, surrounded by spectators; a trouble-free illusion which you can perform expertly after a short period of practice.

The Folding chairs can be transported in any car!

Two white folding chairs are positioned with their seats facing each other. A board is placed on them so that it rests on their backs. An unfolded blanket is placed on the board, so that it hangs informally from the board. Either the magician’s assistant or a lady from the audience then lies on the board. The blanket is wrapped around the lady, leaving her head and lower legs free. Once she has been “hypnotized”, the board is pulled away and leaves the spectators with an impossible situation: The lady lies as stiff as a poker, supported on the chair backs only by her shoulders and legs. Everyone expects the poor women to collapse at any moment and fall off the chairs. But nothing happens. On the contrary: After the spectators have absorbed the scene for a few seconds, something completely unbelievable happens. The magician now removes the chair on which the assistant’s legs were resting so that only her shoulders are supported and she is otherwise floating horizontally in the air. To prove that there are no hidden supports, the magician passes a hoop, which has been examined by the spectators, over the floating lady’s body. The chair and board are then pushed back under the floating lady, who is then awakened from the “hypnosis” and steps down from her comfortable position of rest. 

The chair suspension illusion comes with two folding chairs specially made for this illusion, i.e. not dolled-up garden chairs, which means they have a load capacity of about 80-85 kilograms. The chairs are finished in powder coated white to provide a much better quality than conventional painted versions.
The chair suspension illusion can be set up and taken down without tools, even under the watchful eye of the spectators. You are not dependent on lighting or background and can ask a lady from the audience to be your floating assistant. Even this uninitiated person will not be able to fathom out the secret behind this trick.

The chair suspension illusion is supplied complete with all the necessary accessories except, for transport reasons, the hoop. You can buy such a hula hoop for about €10 in most toy or sports stores.

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