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Magnificent new stage act that will mystify everybody - both children and adults. Produced to perfection by Arsene Luping from Poland and a real treat to work with. 

The magician lifts the square tube and unveils that it conceals 4 black dices stacked on top of each other. The dices area ll different sices - the dice at the bottom is big and the one at the top is small. He places the case back so that it again conceals the dices and directs the audience's attention towards the arrows on the case so that you always know how it's supposed to be positioned. He that puts a lid on top and turns the whole tube around so the arrows are upside down. The fantastic thing is that when he removes the case... The dices are still positioned the same way as before with the largest one at the bottom!

This can be repeated as many times as the magician wishes. The audience will become increasingly baffled. But the magician still has the last climax up his sleeve... As a last prestige, he transforms the dices so that they are all different colors!

Dice pyramid is produced in wood and comes complete with a storage case and a detailed instructional DVD. 

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