The close-up variant of this effect was one of the most popular products we added to our range in 2011. Now it has become possible to amaze a larger audience with the same routine because we have obtained quite a few copies of the great scene edition.

The number is carefully made here in Europe. Perhaps you have seen the Youtube video above, where Felix shows the routine at the World Congress in China - with a beautiful story (that you can sense in the Chinese translation). An act he also won a third prize for in the "general magic" category.

You present a big frame on which a puzzle game of 10 wooden pieces has been assembled. Together, it forms a perfect rectangle. You display a template that fits exactly over the assembled puzzle game and then give the template to a spectator.

You remove one at a time a piece of the jigsaw puzzle and while telling the story, reassemble it again. You then introduce an extra piece, and after moving around all the pieces, you'll get back with a rectangle. Once again a piece is presented - this time a bit bigger - and again you are able to assemble the jigsaw puzzle!

The most surprising part comes when you get the template back from the spectator and it still fits perfectly with the puzzle! A miracle that will amaze and mystify even the most intellectual audience.

You receive a professional prop, complete with everything you need. The frame measures 62 x 78 cm.

There may be a waiting period of 2-3 weeks on this effect, so order in good time!

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Now you will be able to give your audience an incredible optical experience... Newest edition from Bruce Kalver: foldable travel-size version along with the special "kinetic krank". We love it - and so will you!
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You get the person to stick his head through the hole. You take the saw to his neck and cut all the way through, and then afterward take the saw up the opposite way. Fortunately for all, the spectator's head is still stuck to the body.
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If you have ever wanted to perform Jean Robert-Houdin's Light Heavy Chest with ease, without worry, and with deceptiveness, this is the only reliable version you need!… THIS IS HEAVY!
THIS IS HEAVY - Jay Mattioli 4422
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This is a really fun and different effect that presented in the right context, will be a gem in your collection. It's wonderfully well-calculated and a trick that will make even your wisest spectators sleepless.
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