A trick that has successfully been sold for years is in stock and has now been reloaded. The classic Malini Egg Bag, a routine used over and over again with confidence by professional magicians today and in years past all over the world! See why! 

An egg vanishes and is produced as many times as the magician wishes from an examined empty bag. Spectators can stick their hand inside the bag and not find a thing! A fabulous Bag and Egg routine, from Malini, recreated from ideas of Malini, Kaps, Ken Brook and Tamariz. You have never seen such a marvelous magic routine. When the audience sees the reactions of the spectators participating with the magician, the audience is amazed even more! 

Manufactured with black high-quality silk, absolutely beautiful material. 

The set includes: Mailni Egg Bag, manufactured by Bazar de Magia and DVD with routine and explanations (English/Spanish) by Iñaki Zabaletta.

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This is the classic routine performed by leading professionals the world over. Used by Carl Ballantine, Paul Daniels, Mark Wilson, Tony Spina, Jules Lenier, Philip Morris and many more.Turn silk into an egg and astonish anyone.
SILK TO EGG DELUXE - Viking Magic 3422
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Gazzo's handling of ''The Egg Bag'' or ''The Black Bag'' as he likes to call it, makes the bag completely magical, and it's unbelievable the amount of entertainment you can get from the trick.
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In stock
Realistic looking wobly rubber fried egg. To be used as a great gag for your Egg Bag... or...
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We now got the famous "EGGS-ACTLY EGGS" in stock. Handmade from a real eggshell with a special durable inner coating. You can't tell the difference from a real one. Light weight and perfect for Egg Bag Routines.
EGGS-ACTLY EGG - Karl J. Kassees 4838
DKK 165,00
/ UNIT incl. VAT
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