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You enter the stage with a normal black briefcase and lay it on the table. You open the briefcase and take out a basketball, a bowling ball, a vase, a blown up round balloon, or anything else that shouldn't be able to fit in this slim case. 

Classic, fun and surprising magic gag, that always gives a strong reaction - but wait, because with this new version there's even more!

You show that the briefcase is empty and close it again. You snap your fingers and when you open it again, IT IS NOW FILLED WITH STACKS OF DOLLAR BILLS!

You get a professional quality prop, perfect for both magicians, hosts, speakers, comedians and coaches. 

The stacks of dollars are included - use your own ball or vase. Do you wish to start with paper to money (as you see Arsene Lupin do in the youtube video above), you can see some options for related items. 

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