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Our polish friend, Arsene Lupin is behind the production of The Never Ending box.

You present a frame, that is closed by two panels. You lift the panels and show that the box is empty. But after you wave your hand over the frame, you can produce six large silk scarves and 12 cans of soda. An impressive production, that no one will be able to figure out. 

- Whenever you want to can show that the frame is empty and afterward continue the production.
- You can as a finisher open one of the cans in front of the audience.
- A beautiful trick that entertains both children and adults. 
- Can be shown as is own routine or be used as a running gag between your other tricks. 

You receive the finely made wooden instrument complete with soda cans and a detailed instructional DVD.
Silk scarves not included. 

We offer Never Ending box in two variants: Black and Mahogany 

If you wish, you can buy an extra production so that you can make 3 scarves additional scarves and 6 cans appear. (as you see in the video). The price of this set is €100. 

DKK 2.250,00 / STK incl. VAT
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