There is an old saying in Chinese "A craftsman must sharpen his tools if he wants to do his work well", Bond Lee believes the same principle applies to magic.
His manipulation balls are made of high-quality silicone providing an amazing grip and great bouncing ability.
They are made in Taiwan then shipped to Hong Kong, each of them is then hand-polished to perfect the unique texture.
Choose between 7 different vivid colors.

  • Amazing Grip
  • Great Bounce  & Texture
  • Vivid Colors
  • 1.7"
  • 7 Colors Available
  • Hand Polished
  • Basic Ball Manipulation Routine Tutorial Included
  • Water Washable
  • Reasonable Price

Now you can own one of the finest manipulation balls at an extremely reasonable price. 


"During my search for the perfect manipualtion balls, I found these professional manipulation balls by Bond Lee. You simply cannot compare the grip of these manipulations balls to any other balls on the market! Searching for a set of manipulation balls? Stop searching, these ones are the best!" - Mike Hill

"Bond lee billiard ball var super super!! Beste billiard balls ever!!" - Gunnar Aamot Hansen

DKK 850,00 / UNIT incl. VAT 
In stock

Blue 42 mm.

Gul 50 mm.

Gul 42 mm.

White 50 mm.

White 42 mm.

Lilla 42 mm.

Orange 42 mm.

Pink 42 mm.

Red 50 mm.

Red 42 mm.


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