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This is not meant to be shown by itself. But it's for professional proposes, but used in the right context can be the highlight of your show.

In short, our Polish partner, Arsene Lupin, has developed this innocent-looking tripod in which you can put a round 9" balloon. What the audience does not know, is that there you have a small remote control that at the moment you press it - blows up the balloon with a bang!

For example, you can apply it as a kind of lie detector and tell about the new "super sensitive balloons" that can detect any lies that may be said ...
Or use it in your "flea circus" and equip a flea with a blowgun, tell it to take aim and ... the balloon explodes!
Or maybe it's just the gimmick you've been missing for your card or knife throwing routine. Or with a wild-west routine. Or as a running gag through your show, where the balloon keeps exploding whenever you need it. Or…

Beautifully made and reliable. Stand and base can easily be separated from each other for transport and you receive REMOTE CONTROLLED BALLOON in a storage box where there is carved space for all parts. Detailed instructions on DVD are included.

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