A classic comedy/sucker routine created by Harold Rice and Fred Haenchen. Unquestionably the finest on the market!

The performer states that he is going to magically exchange a silk hank for an object in his pocket. he tucks the silk into his closed fist and then makes a magical pass. He opens his hand to reveal a large white egg! Then from his pocket he produces the missing hank.

“Would you like to learn to do this? Great! I’ll teach you and you can all fool your friends when you go home, but remember, you must keep the secret.” So saying, the performer let’s the audience in on the secret, or so it seems. He shows them that he is using a fake egg and the silk is really stuffed into the egg and doesn’t disappear at all. “But, if someone guesses that you might have a fake egg, you have to really become a magician”. The performer then removes the ‘hole’ from the egg and breaks it into a glass and dumps out the gooey egg yoke! The fake egg has changed into a real egg and no one is the wiser!

This is the classic routine performed by leading professionals the world over. Used by Carl Ballantine, Paul Daniels, Mark Wilson, Tony Spina, Jules Lenier, Philip Morris and many more.

You are supplied with all you need except the real egg: Special Egg, 2-18? Red Silk Hanks, removable Silk Spot and complete professional routine. Don’t be fooled into buying a more expensive version; you get the real thing here for less.

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An egg vanishes and is produced as many times as the magician wishes from an examined empty bag. Spectators can stick their hand inside the bag and not find a thing! A fabulous Bag and Egg routine from Malini.
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Realistic looking wobly rubber fried egg. To be used as a great gag for your Egg Bag... or...
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We now got the famous "EGGS-ACTLY EGGS" in stock. Handmade from a real eggshell with a special durable inner coating. You can't tell the difference from a real one. Light weight and perfect for Egg Bag Routines.
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