For a long time unavailable and now its back better then ever!

This is the beautiful Brass Hand bell that only you can ring. No matter how much they try, you will be the only one who can ring the bell. Endless possibilities of laughter and amazement.

 A classic  comedy prop suitable for both adult and children entertainers and hailed by many as the greatest magic gag since the Breakaway Wand.

 Originated by Terry Herbert, one of England's foremost Comedy and children Magicians. Pro-magic and Guy Bavli has brought it back now in its 2.0 verion.

  • Easy to Ring
  • Shiny luxury look.

Comes complete with, full instructions including gags, tips and Terry Herbert's own adult presentation.

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The performer hands a spectator a pair of scissors and asks him to cut a rope in the middle. But first the spectator cannot open the scissor and then he cannot close it. Great comedy potential.
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The Spirit Bell by César Alonso can be used for every type of performance seances, mentalism, bizarre magic, and even comedy magic. The bell rings loud and clear exactly in the moment you want.
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