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Why has nobody thought of this before? The well-known system from the "Dove Pan" built into a square red plastic lunch box. The very clever thing is that with this variant you decide if there is something in the lunch box or not! You can just as easily conceal something as you can make something appear. 

With this lunch box, possibilities of what you can make appear are almost endless: candies, cards, cupcakes, your lunch, sunglasses, banknotes, sponge balls, balloons, napkins - or maybe goodies for the dog... you-name-it! The possibilities are endless.

- You can start by showing the lunch box with the lid closed.
- You remove the lid and show that it is empty (or maybe there's already something inside, it's up to you).
- Then put the lid on and say a spell-
- When it opens again it is completely full/or empty!

If you buy two magic lunch boxes, you can make something jump from one box to another.

The lunch box measures 12.5 x 12.5 x 6 cm. It works perfectly and is easy to use. Comes with instructions.

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