In the mid-Fifties, Bob Carver created a sensation with a rope effect he created based on ideas from Hen Fetsch. In fact, before he could be awarded the IBM Originality Trophy in 1957, he had to expose his creation's pure sleight-of-hand method to the judges. Later dubbed "Professor's Nightmare" by Gene Gordon, the effect of three completely examinable ropes of differing lengths magically becoming the same size has become a classic of magic.

You get three the three pieces of cotton rope cut and sealed in just the right size - ready to use and amaze.

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First-class soft flexible 8 mm. natural colored cotton rope without a core - our most popular. Perfect for magic with rope. Pack of 10 meters.
MAGICIANS ROPE 8 mm. - 10 m. offwhite 20A
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Do you like rope magic? This book is the only of of its kind. 450 pages with the best rope tricks you will find, collected and described by magical genius Stewart James with more than 1500 illustrations.
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At the magician's command a rope stiffens horizontally and softens again. Incomparable quality and craftsmanship! Very easy to do
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You take the ring that has been visible the whole time and slowly pulls it up from the cone. The 3 rings a now connected! You can even throw the rings out to the audience, fold the cone out and show both sides.
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