This is a full comedy stand-up or stage routine, that can be presented in many different ways, spoken or nonverbal to music.

You show a paper bag, explaining that inside, there is a prediction: a certain tool from a hardware store. You now show many pictures that illustrates various articles from the hardware store: a hammer, a drill, a chain, a brush, etc.. You give the nylon bag containing all the pictures to a spectator and ask her to mix them freely and then take any picture and name out  the article loud, so to the entire audience can hear it. Spectators will start laughing, because the chosen picture is a shovel, it is impossible that a shovel can actually be inside the small paperbag... 

For a moment you seem to be confused, but then you take the bag, and after a few magic passes, you produce a 155 cm. long shovel from the bag!

The shovel is made in latex, but extremely realistic. The grip is made of plastic and solid, so you can hit the floor or the microphone with it. 

You receive everything you need t: Latex apparition shovel (carefully made by MagicLatex), paper bag, special transparent forcing bag, 24 full color pictures, and instructions step by step with pictures in full color in Spanish and English.

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After a year of trials, MAGICLATEX have created a bat with real wooden appearance, almost real regarding aesthetics and functionality that you can show as a solid bat, but also easily and fully compressible for concealment.
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You walk on stage holding a flat Apple Juice container, you simulate to drink using a straw and in one moment you produce a red apple from inside. Impossible!!! You´ll need to get closer than 3 feet to realize that the apple is not real!!!
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Thiss gimmick has the exact appearance and size of a real hammer. Because it's constructed with very light latex it can be thrown to the audience.
SUPER LATEX HAMMER - MagicLatex 3466
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