This is one of the most loved props by magicians. The elegant magic bag can, as easy as nothing, make something like a silk scarf disappear, reaper or be transformed into something completely different.  

This edition is distinguished by the fact that there are 3 different rooms. This way you have even more options.

The transformation occurs only by a small movement with the index finger.

The bag is very nice in red silk fabric with black lining, fringes all the way around and a tuft at the end. The handle is made of wood and lacquered in black. It is not a coincidence that we have now sold hundreds of copies of this model!

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Ho, something is wrong! The children laugh and shout because there is only one white stripe on the flag. With the children's help you turn it into a real Danish flag! The bag can, of course, be displayed immediately.
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Are you in need of a new entertaining silk routine for your Change Bag? Here you have 7 minutes of solid entertainment with two children on stage, and lots of fun situations and good laughs.
ZEBRA-CADABRA - by Steen Pegani 2510
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Great set of silks, if you are performing magic for children. Together with a change bag you will with these silks get some good minutes of magic entertainment. You receive 3 pcs. of special printed 45 x 45 cm. silks together with a presentation by Duanne Laflin.
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