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Norwegian Vidar Strat has developed a card trick that is truly a gem. The effect is incredibly strong, easy to do, (almost automatic) very clean and can be reset in just a few seconds. It will not only fool your audience but also fellow magicians. It all happens in the spectator’s hands. It’s so smart that you too will be baffled the first time you try it…!

A deck of cards is shown and shuffled. The spectator takes cards from the top and places them on the table one by one. She stops precisely when she wants to and looks at the card that she then has to remember. Afterward, she places the rest of the cards place them on top of the cards on the table. Without mentioning the name of the card, she spells out the name of the card in her head while counting down the same number of cards from the pile. The cards she stops at is her own card!

It’s almost automatic and works every time, regardless of what card is chosen. Every time the spectator can count her way to the randomly chosen card. The effect is inspired by Eugene Burgers ‘’Spelling Stunner’’ and is developed in collaboration with Allan Hagen.

Delivered complete and ready to use with Bicycle cards. We offer cards for both Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and English. Unless you wish another language, we always send a deck that matches the country you’re from.

You will enjoy performing Stunning Speller. RECOMMENDED!

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