The original Celebrity Presage was ingeniously created in 2011 by Magician Mike Maione, and it has now been completely remade into one of the finest book tests you will ever see - with greatly improved handling and all new capabilities.

Our killer system allows book page numbers to display sequentially front to back, whilst still allowing the performer to cleanly force ANY page they wish in real time. Invisibly & perfectly. When you see it with your own eyes you will be blown away.

In fact, your Celebrity Presage book offers multiple forcing methods, multiple reveals, and a killer "V" forcing gimmick we created from scratch to allow maximum flexibility. Celebrity Presage is a book test with multiple layered methods which can be used together (or individually) for predictions or mind-reading miracles. The perfect book itself is filled with hilarious celebrity quotes and instant comedy possibilities!

For the first time, App creator Marc Kerstein exclusively & generously allowed the use of all the force words from his popular "WikiTest" to be used in Celebrity Presage.

This book is the result of a collaboration between Magician Mike Maione and Brett Barry, with many powerful tweaks to add even more horsepower! Have fun and go blow some minds.


  • Gorgeous Celebrity Presage gimmicked 130-page paperback book
  • 1 V forcing gimmick
  • 29 Page PDF written instructions with routines & photos
  • 30 Minute streaming video instructions
  • Access to the SvenPad® secret group


Your Celebrity Presage book will allow you to:

1. Force a page/Celebrity using our incredible numbering system
2. Force a page/Celebrity using Svengali (opening to a page)
3. Force a movie title using PPPS or Svengali
4. Force a Celebrity name using the new V Gimmick (Beyoncé)
5. Divining one of 9 potential WikiTest words on one or multiple spectators
6. Potentially do a drawing duplication
7. Reveal the details from a forced celebrity quote

"I like mentalism products that are a step forward. Celebrity Presage is a giant leap forward! Any one of the 3 principles included here would have made this my favorite book test on the market, but all three combined is a destructive force of mental astonishment! Just wow! This book is incredible. It took me 5 seconds to know this is a new standard. I'm not kidding."
– Bedros “Spidey” Akkelian

"A book test like no other! Mike and Brett created a masterpiece. Plus, the addition of the V gimmick really makes this book a very powerful tool in the SvenPad® Family!" – Luca Volpe

"WOW! You have outdone yourself. The combination of possibilities, with both predictions (without the need for outs) and direct mind reading is unlike anything I have ever seen. At last, a book test that can be used repeatedly for the same group with 100% accuracy! Add to that, I got the biggest creativity boost of the year after first seeing it. I can for sure predict this is a winner. I'll take two!" - Mikael Hedné

"After having performed it several weeks for real people, I can promise that you will amaze your audiences with Celebrity Presage! This is a winner, and I highly recommend it." – Sven Rygh

"A Wonderfully organic, in your face, devastating selection process that couldn't be fairer. And it's just so much fun! Really, really clever!" – Steve Valentine

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