This will have your audience in stitches and suspense throughout.

1) Invite a volunteer helper. Display a box (Jumbo Card Box) empty and instruct your helper to hold the box during the routine, as the magic will happen in their hands.

2) Display picture cards of zoo animals. There's a lion, elephant, monkey, giraffe, alligator, toucan and a . . . FREAKAZOID! (Green funny looking monster.)

3) Display your "Time-out" house. Place the freakazoid into the time-out house. Kids can see it through the window. Close the door.

4) Instruct your helper to choose a card as you shuffle and they command you to stop. They stop on a FREAKAZOID! Open the door to the time-out house and freakazoid is not there. It has appeared back in the stack of cards! Place it back into the house. Kids see it in the house. Close the door.

5) The above happens two more times, both times the freakazoid escaping from the time-out house and back into the stack of cards. The kids go wild!

6) Volunteer finally chooses a card. (The Lion) You turn around to get the magic portal picture frame and the kids are in stitches, the freakazoid is now on your back!

7) Remove it from your back and place it into the time-out house for the 5th time.

8) Place the lion down into the magic portal frame. Cover the frame with a cloth. Whisk the cloth away and the lion is gone, but the kids see you holding it under the cloth. Take the card out from under the cloth and it is . . . FREAKAZOID! Place it into the time-out house for the 6th time.

9) Wait! The lion. It's gone! Vanished. Instruct your helper open the box and take the card out. It is their chosen card!

10) Sit your helper down to a round of applause. Pick up your items and turn around to put them away and FREAKAZOID is hanging on your back again! The house is empty! He has returned for a 7th time!

11) Boys and girls, shall we let him watch the rest of the show? Ok, it can watch the rest of the show . . . from his time-out house! Place it back into time out and end the routine.

Every prop in this routine is manufactured and assembled by Tommy James.
You will receive a jumbo magnetic, locking card box that will hold the large card. The card box is made from PVC, precision made with suede material lining the box.
Time-out House, Transporting portal picture frame, cloth. Attachment accessory for hanging the cards on your back . . .  EVERYTHING you need to perform this highly entertaining routine.
All the cards measure 12,5 x 17,5 cm..
You will receive TWO force cards, a Lion and a Monkey so you can have a different force card for repeat performances.
Complete with eight pages on instructions as well as a video instructional tutorial link so you can see and understand the operation of the entire effect.

It simply cannot get any better than this! 

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