Whirl, Swirl, & Twirl
Anyone can perform dazzling and mesmerizing light shows at night with Wandini! Wandini features an array of colorful lights from top to bottom. Use various moves and motions with your hands to release your wizardly powers. Great for parties, events, juggling, circus, dances and pure entertainment!

Watch & Learn
Release your secret powers. Every wizard needs their own wicked cool wand. As soon as you open the box, you will possess new powers. Like any magic wand, you don't control it at first. It controls you. Learn the balance and you'll advance to master wizard in no time! Download the free Fun in Motion Toys app for instructional videos, tips, and tricks!

Wandini Features:
- Changes colors - 8 light modes
- Invisible string & leather strap for middle finger loop
- USB rechargeable - no batteries needed
- Collapsible for easy transport
- Quickly assembles/disassembles
- Precisely weighted for vertical balance
- Assembles to 60 cm. length

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