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The GeoBender® Cube is an fascinating and complex 3D magnetic puzzle, which you will fall in love with. In this nice gift box you get two pieces, which can be manipulated individually or together.

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  • The GeoBender® Cube is a fascinating complex 3D magnetic puzzle. It was a "Toy of The Year 2020 Finalist" in America, but these amazing cubes are still new and unknown to most people. If you have not seen them before, you are in for a thrill.

    Each GeoBender® Cube consists of 12 pyramids and each pyramid has 3 magnets. The individual pyramids are connected by solid hinges to form a chain or a ring. With the joints, the GeoBender® Cube can be transformed into more than 70 diffrent shapes!

    What you get here is two pieces of original 
    GeoBender® Cubes with the new WORLD design. Two people can play at the same time or you can use the possibility of adding the two cubes together. 

    Have a look at the video and you will be amazed...

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