MASTIX - water based - 100 ml.
Itemnumber: 1219B
DKK 99.00 / pcs
DKK 79.20 ex. VAT
Large can of 100 ml. water-soluble skin glue to glue beards, noses, wigs, etc. with. Not as strong as Mastix Extra and much more skin friendly. For the big consumer - e.g. the busy Santa Claus.

More information

  • Grimas water-based skin glue ensures that your dentures, wigs, beards or noses do not fall off! The glue is viscous and transparent, which ensures a nice and safe result. Drizzle in use with its syrup-like consistency.

    If you want a stronger skin glue Mastix Extra skin glue can be recommended - however, this product is more skin friendly.

    Bottle with 100 ml. and associated brush.

    Can be removed with water and Mastix Remover

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