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We got one single piece of this extended version of "Blooming Bouquet", where new flowers glowly grow out 3 times! Bouquet, flowers and vase like new - the suitcase got scratches.

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  • We got one single piece of this colorful stage effect - "Blooming Bouquet" in an extended version like you've never seen it before!

    The magician shows a vase in which there is a bouquet of 5 beautiful flowers. He plucks the flowers one at a time, moves his hand over the vase, on which 5 new flowers slowly grow!

    Again the flowers are plucked from the green stalks, and once again the magician can conjure up new flowers with a magical wave of the hand. These flowers are also picked off, after which a third round of flowers is conjured.

    You can build a whole little colorful act around this vase, which also allows you to make flowers change color! Comes complete with the special bouquet, vase and a total of 20 flowers.

    The equipment is delivered in a solid case, so that nothing is damaged during transport. The suitcase has scratches, but the flowers and vase actually look like new.

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