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Large can with 5 liters of soap bubble concentrate, diluted with water to a full 20 liters. Produced by Tuban in Poland, which has found the world's best recipe for soapy bubble water. Perfect for giant soap bubbles. For fun or for performance.

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  • The company Tuban from Poland has developed the world's best soap bubble liquid, which is now sold all over the world - for fun and for professional entertainment. Here you get a large can with as much as 5 liters of concentrate, which is diluted to a total of 20 liters with the right recipe.

    With this soap bubble liquid, Tuban has set two records in the Guinness Book of Records - among others. to make a giant giant bubble about 182 people at once!

    The liquid complies with EU standards for toys and is e.g. completely harmless to get on the skin.

    Good advice about soap bubbles:

    - It is best to make soap bubbles when there is some moisture in the air. After rain and on foggy or cloudy days. When the sun is shining, the bubbles are not so solid, so make it fall in the morning or evening.

    - The soap bubble liquid should not foam. Therefore, never shake it and gently dip your rings or strings in it.

    - If you make soap bubbles indoors, you can improve the result by spraying a little atomized water in the room and thus raising the humidity.

    Below you will find various aids for making large and beautiful soap bubbles.


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