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Learn how to make the right soap bubbles. Lots of fun for the garden or institution.

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  • The company Tuban from Poland has developed the world's best soap bubble liquid, which is sold all over the world - both for fun and for professional soap bubble artists.

    In this set you get three different rings a tray to dip in. The different designs make it possible to make many types of soap bubbles - both large and small, or both at once. 250 ml is also included. of the popular Tuban soap bubble liquid.

    With this soap bubble liquid, Tuban has set two records in the Guinness Book of Records - i.a. to make a giant giant bubble about 182 people at once!

    The liquid complies with EU standards for toys and is e.g. completely harmless to get on the skin.


    - The best weather for making soap bubbles is when it is a little humid in the air. After rain and on foggy cloudy days. When the sun is shining the bubbles are not so solid and then it is best either morning or evening.

    - The liquid should not foam. Therefore, never shake it and gently dip your rings or strings in the liquid.

    - If you make soap bubbles indoors, you can improve the result by spraying a little atomized water in the room and thus raising the humidity.